Overall, it was a good first season. There were a few episodes that could have been better and a
few that weren't needed at all. But hey, it's the *first* season and they were still fleshing out the plot.
Overall Average Rating:

Summary: In Washington, D.C., FBI Chief Blevins assigns Special Agent Dana Scully to work with Special Agent Fox Mulder on the X-Files, a section that deals with paranormal cases. Mulder and Scully go to Bellefleur, Oregon to investigate the mysterious deaths of several members of the Class of '89 that resemble alien abductions.
Scully looks better with short hair. Rewatching this, I can't help but laugh at their acting, which is overdone. I cannot express how glad I am that both David and Gillian vastly improve throughout this season and became the marvelous actors they are today. It was a good episode, though confusing at times because we never again see anything relating to these 'alien abduction' experiences in later episodes. But I'm not picky. Mulder is more exhuberant and playful, always invading Scully's space, while she is much less reserved and even wears colors other than black. I love the scene where Scully comes to Mulder's room, wanting him to look at the marks on her back. He is a gentleman, never letting his eyes stray or taking advantage of a frightened woman. The openness with which he treats her when telling of his sister is endearing and is our first glimpse into the trust that will build between them. Though the telling of his story changes dramatically from 'I was in bed and couldn't move' to 'we were playing Stratego in front of the TV'. But again, I'm not picky.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "No one down here but the FBI's most unwanted." - Mulder to Scully who is at his office door
2. "Who is it?"
"Steven Spielberg." - Scully to Mulder who is at her hotel room door
Associated Story: Come Undone

Summary: Mulder and Scully investigate the kidnapping of an Air Force officer from Ellens Air Base, where UFOs are commonly sighted. The military does not look kindly upon this intrusion and reacts with unfortunate consequences for Mulder.
Whatever happens to our favorite duo's glasses? First season often shows either of them wearing spectacles, but they disappear in later seasons. Contact lenses perhaps? Oh well. Once again, their acting could use a bit of help. I like the way Mulder figures out Col. Budahas has had a memory wipe, it's very brilliant of him if I do say so myself. I enjoyed Seth Green's performance (the drugged kid) and the way Mulder relates to the teens. This is Mulder's first ditching of his partner and I understand why he did it, even if I don't agree with the fact that he *did* do it. I love how the military takes him through the hangar, giving us glimpses of UFOs. And Mulder's expression when he asks Scully 'How did I get here' just makes me want to give him a big hug. If only Scully had the same inclination. Deep Throat is a great character; a dry sense of humor, sharp wit, and speaking in sentences that always have a double meaning are his trademarks.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "You think if we ignore them, maybe they'll go away?" - Mulder to Scully concerning the MIBs
2. "Tell me I'm crazy."
"Mulder, you're crazy." - Mulder and Scully
Associated Story: Drowned Silence

Summary: An old classmate of Scully's asks for help regarding a murder case where no entry or exit can be found. Mulder believes the killer is a mutant who surfaces every 30 years to harvest 5 livers before returning to hibernation.
This is the first episode I ever saw. I watched it and I remember being so freaked out that I swore that I'd never watch the show again. But I watched the next week. And the next, And the next. I was hooked and thank goodness for that. So, this episode holds a special place in my heart. The way Mulder is on the right track all this time is wonderful. When he tells Scully that he was being territorial and then grabs her necklace is a hint at the intimacy and the deep friendship they share, even though they aren't fully aware of it yet. The scene when they are in Tooms' lair is marvelous and witty. My only qualms have to do with the retired detective who was investigating Tooms since 1933. If he retired in 1968 after 45 years of service, then he is about 90 years old! Does he seem a bit spry for 90 or is it just me? The miracle of plastic surgery and new vitamins perhaps? Tom Colton plays his part beautifully, making us hate him almost from the very beginning. And we all feel for Mulder when he is relieved by the two agents during the stakeout and they refer to him as 'Spooky'. I give him credit for not responding, though I know it must hurt him. I also love the part where Mulder corrects Colton on the color of aliens and then goes on to talk about a liver shortage in the Reticulan galaxy.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Reputation? *I* have a reputation?" - Mulder to Scully before meeting Colton
2. "I think it's bile."
"Is there any way I can get it off my fingers quickly without betraying my cool exterior?" - Scully and Mulder in Tooms' lair
Associated Story: Territory Protected

Summary: A woman claims that her daughter has been abducted by aliens and Mulder believes that the girl's brother is the key to solving her disappearance.
Can we say 'angst'? Ooh, it gives me chills to see Mulder so anguished, his eyes practically bleeding pain at reliving his sister's abduction. Scully is understanding but not quite empathetic and I get slightly angered by her lack of insight into Mulder's motives. I love the part where the NSA agents burst into Scully's room and ask where Mulder is. Did they expect him to be in *her* room? C'mon, isn't that a bit of an assumption? And the way the NSA tears through poor Kevin's room is enough to make me want to track them down and make them fix every broken toy. The way all the ones and zeros made up Ruby's faces was amazingly done. Mulder' desperation when digging up the unknown grave is heartrending and I give Scully credit for helping him. In the end, we see Mulder sitting in a church, looking at a picture of his sister. Now, we have yet to find out what religion Mulder is and many believe that he is Jewish, but this episode may be evidence that he is not. Who knows, I'm surpised he's not an atheist after all he's been through. We also see Scully listening to tapes of Mulder's regression hypnosis. Excuse me, but is there no such thing as patient confidentiality? Or did Mulder submit these tapes as evidence in Samatha's file? It is then that we hear the driving force behind the man that is Fox Mulder... "I want to believe."
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Who, me? I'm Mr. Congeniality." Mulder to Scully concerning his attitude toward the local police force.
Associated Story: Puzzle Pieces

Summary: Mulder believes a legendary beastman is responsible for several deaths near Atlantic City. He and Scully investigate unofficially and the local police force harries them constantly.
I don't know why, but there's something about this episode that makes me really enjoy it. Of course, the fact that Mulder gets hurt and keeps going may have something to do with it. The interplay between Mulder and Scully is priceless, their teasing a nice expression of how well they get along. Is it me, or does Scully sound really depressed that she has to drive hom *alone* from Atlanta? Hmm. And she told her friend Ellen that she thought Mulder was cute? Double hmm. Mulder displays his obssession with his work by going so far as to sleep in a homeless man's box on a stakeout for the Devil. When the police arrest him I wonder what right they have to do that. Was he out past curfew? Last time I checked, it wasn't a crime to be walking in the street at night when you're over thirty years of age. They charged him with vagrancy, huh? What kind of vagrant wears a suit like Mulder's? The interaction between Mulder and Scully in the diner after she picks him up is touching and shows a more personal side to both of them as people, not agents. What really bugs me about this episode is Dr. Diamond. He says that all primates have a natural fear of heights. Excuse me?? Aren't monkeys primates? I am almost certain that when I went to the zoo that I saw monkeys in the trees. I guess I could be mistaken. Yeah, right.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Unlike you, Mulder, I would like to have a life."
"I have a life." - Scully and Mulder in a diner.
2. "What's that noise in the background?"
"That's a guy getting sick."
"Mulder, where are you? ... The drunk tank?" - Scully and Mulder over the phone while Mulder is in the Atlantic City jail

Summary: Mulder and Scully are called to Philadelphia to investigate the deaths of two members of the Isfahan, a terrorist group, and their link to a young woman. Mulder believes that the woman is being protected by a ghost and he and Scully mount a search for the dead man's relationship with the Isfahan.
I believe in ghosts, let's get that straight right now. But there are some types of ghosts I don't believe in - like ones who protect their loved ones by strangling their attackers. Poltergeists may do it out of spite, but not protection. You know what I hate? How Scully always manages to miss the paranormal stuff. I mean, her seatbelt got stuck and that's the only reason she doesn't see a guy floating in the middle of the air. *Sigh* The woman has the worst luck. And how does she explain the paper storm in the office at the end? Bad air conditioning? It was an okay episode, I don't mind watching it now and again 'cause Mulder is his brilliant self as always. I do love how he asks Scully right away if she's all right after their car accident, no thought to himself.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "I never lie. I willfully participated in a campaign of misinformation." - Mulder to Scully after she accuses him of lying to the shadow agents who question them in the beginning.
2. "Hey Scully, do you believe in an afterlife?"
"I'd settle for a life in this one." - Mulder to Scully and her response.
3. "Have you ever seen the Liberty Bell?"
"You know I've been to Philidelphia a hundred times and I've never seen it."
"You're not missing much. It's a big bell with a big crack and you have to wait in a long line." - Mulder telling Scully about his lack of sightseeing at the end of the episode.

Summary: Mulder's old partner, Jerry Lamana, asks for his help in solving a case where the CEO of a computer company may have been killed by its founder, Brad Wilczek. Mulder believes that the Central Operating System of the building is responsible but Lamana goes to arrest Wilczek with dire consequences.
Jerry sucks. He's one of those guys who takes credit for other people's hard work, riding the tailcoats of successful agents. I think it's wonderful how Mulder is all angsty when Jerry dies and how he dismisses Scully's placations about Jerry taking his profile. He's so modest. I feel very sorry for Brad, after becoming a millionare due to his work and then have it taken away by some corporate guy who doesn't care about Wilczek. The best part is when Mulder knows what Brad's talking about when he says something in Latin. Hah! Are you a scruffy computer person? Me? I think I'm inbetween - I'm creative but not the type to go around trying to figure out how everything works.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Why'd you go your seperate ways?"
"I'm a pain in the ass to work with."
"I'm not a pain in the ass?" - Scully asking about Mulder's split with Jerry Lamana.

Summary: When a transmission from the Arctic Ice Core Project shows a man mumbling "We're not who we are," Mulder and Scully travel to Alaska with three scientists and a pilot. Once there, they find evidence that the team members killed each other. They discover that an organism from deep below the earth may be what caused the self-destruction of the team.
This one is one of my favorites. When I first saw it I spent days imagining a different ending. I imagined it so much that I eventually believed that my version was how it reallly happened. Then, probably a year later, I saw it again and was surprised that it wasn't. Well, about a year after that I discovered fan fiction and decided to remedy the situation and wrote it with my ending (see below). The dog is so cute! I'm glad it didn't die. Kill as many humans as you want, as long as the animals live. Did you know that the dog was the mom of David's dog, Blue? Cool, huh? Mulder and Scully's teamwork is great, I really like Dr. Murphy, the guy from San Diego, because he's so nice and funny. Or maybe because *I* live in San Diego. Who knows. What I don't get is how Dr. DeSilva remained so calm for so long with the worm inside of her when Bear exhibited violence so soon after infection. Does testosterone speed it up or something? I don't know exactly why, can't pinpoint a reason, but this episode has always been on of my favorites. Maybe it's the first episode where Mulder shows Scully how much he trusts her, when he turns his back and allows her to inspect him. Dr. Hodge was an ass about Mulder being infected, but he was right in the end, being adamant about not wanting to infect the populace.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Scully, for God's sakes, it's me!"
"Mulder, you may not be who you are." - Mulder when Scully points her gun at him.
Associated Story: Thin Ice

Summary: Mulder is contacted by someone who believes that the latest space shuttle has been sabotaged. Upon investigation, they find that the person responsible for launch decisions, Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt, may have a hidden agenda. Mulder, who admires the Colonel, thinks that the man may be possessed by an entity he met on a previous mission into space.
Now, I think that Mulder's admiration for Col. Belt is warranted, as admiration for any astronaut who risks their life; but he fawns just a bit too much. It's out of character for him and that bothers me. I don't particularly care for this episode because of that. I know, it's a minor detail, but it casts a shadow over the whole thing. I like the idea behind the story and our duo getting to be in mission control is great, but overall there was nothing outstanding about it. And you know what? Have we ever seen that type of alien again? The little gray men we see now seem to have no link to this - is it another race, is it in contact with the Grays? What?
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Not to mention certain fringe elements who accuse our government itself of space sabotage, failure of the Hubble telescope and the Mars Observer directly connected to a conspiracy to deny its evidence."
"Evidence of what?"
"Alien civilization."
"Oh, of course." - Mulder and Scully when discussing why anyone would want to sabotage the shuttle mission.
2. "You never wanted to be an astronaut when you were a kid, Scully?"
"Guess I missed that phase." - Mulder and Scully.

Summary: Acting on information from Deep Throat, Mulder goes to Wisconsin to investigate a UFO crash. He is apprehended by the UFO retrieval team and Scully must escort him back to Washington. Mulder refuses to give up and they become embroiled in a cover-up of the UFO, as aliens make contact with Max Fenig, the man Mulder met while in confinement.
Mulder gets hurt so this episode already has my approval. You know the famous line about the 'Enigmatic Dr. Scully'? Max actually says 'Agent Scully', then Mulder changes it to 'Dr. Scully'. Why? I feel sorry for Max and pity his wretched existence as an alien guinea pig. By now I'm already sick of Mulder ditching his partner and want to throttle him. The beginning sounds a little like Close Encounters of the Third Kind when it comes to the military keeping everyone away from the site. But, like Richard Dreyfus, Mulder makes it through the blockade. I do like the black undercover suit on him - yummy. Once again we see aliens that we never see again. Well, I don't remember ever seeing the invisible aliens again. Then again, they're invisible.
Favorite Quotes:
None that I can think of.

Summary: Mulder expects alien involvement when two men die simultneously by exsanguination. These unrelated men have identical daughters and the duo learn that they are the product of a genetic experiment. The girls are being stalked by an older version of themselves and Mulder and Scully are charged with protecting the two girls.
I was suspicious of the girls instantly. They were too quiet. I guess you could blame it on the deaths of their fathers, but the expressionless faces were too weird to be anything but indication of guilt. I like this episode because we get a small, if warped, picture of Mulder and Scully married with kids. The fact that the girls call him 'Dad' and the lady behind the counter readily accepts that, just reinforces this picture. The way they trap the girls by making them think they'd left was a masterstroke. And I'm glad that there were those truckers who stopped Mulder and Scully from taking the kids. Not the fact that they stopped our heroes from catching the badguys, but that there are still good samaritans out there who will come to a child's aid. I really feel sorry for the mother who is left; her husband dead and her child an evil clone, she must be devastated. But I would find it hard to write off a child I had raised, even if it wasn't really mine.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Mulder, you got a girl coming?"
"What's a girl?" - Scully wondering why Mulder is rushing her out of the room after Deep Throat's call.

Summary: Phoebe Green, an old flame from Mulder's Oxford days, comes from Scotland Yard for Mulder's help in solving unexplainable murders involving fire. Mulder, who is deathly afraid of fire, agrees to help and he and Scully must discover the arsonist before he kills another English Noble.
I *hate* Phoebe Green. Why? Because she tries to take Mulder away from Scully and played with his mind in this episode as well as in his past. She scarred him so deeply that his relationships have suffered for it and she psyches him out by bringing him a case that features something he's afraid of. I *love* Phobe Green. Why? Same reasons as above. It's because of her that we learn some of Mulder's painful past, empathizing with him and feeling sorry for him for the hurt she has put him through. Because of her we see Scully's jealousy and we can chalk up another angst fest with Mulder's pyrophobia. Two things bug me though. One, something else must have happened to make Mulder so scared of fire; sitting in the ashes of a house just doesn't hack it. Two, Mulder acts too weak after the smoke inhalation, it's kind of annoying to see him be wimpy. But I understand that it's psychological. I love how Mulder saves the kids in the end, facing his worst fear, how he sees Phoebe kissing Lord Marsden and dismisses her. But damn him for kissing her in front of Scully! Oh, and the look of terror on his face when Scully mimics Phoebe is priceless. She did it really well, 'cause Gillian lived in England for years.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Hello."
"She hates me." - Scully acknowledging Phoebe and Phoebe's whispered response to Mulder.
2. "So, Sherlock, is the game afoot?"
"'Fraid so, Watson." - Scully and Mulder discussing the case.

Summary: Asked by a killer to listen to information received by channeling from beyond, Mulder must save two teenagers from the hands of another serial killer. The catch is that the psychic killer, Luther Lee Boggs, was put in prison by Mulder and Boggs is facing his execution in a few days time. Scully has a hard time dealing with Boggs' channeling due to the loss of her father.
Ooooh! I *loved* it! Mulder racing against time to save teens, worried about Scully's condition after her dad dies and her safety where Boggs is concerned, he's shot. What else do I need? In other words, I was in hog heaven. It's sad Scully's dad dies after Christmas and it would really freak me out if I saw my dad at the same instant he died, though he wasn't with me. Mulder is very nice and compassionate to her, calling her Dana for the first time. And then the way he tricks Boggs into giving him information with a piece of his own Knicks t-shirt is pure genius! Scully's immediate attention and real fear when Mulder gets shot is wonderful and the protectiveness they show each other throughout the episode is great. I was a bit disappointed that Mulder was only shot in the leg, but at least it hit an artery, making it a potentially deadly wound. *Grin* I think maybe I need therapy. You know, I think I felt infinitesimally sorry for Boggs. Oh, and the rage Scully goes into at Boggs when she thinks that he set Mulder up. Ooh, now that's what I call caring. All around it was a marvelous episode that I almost have memorized.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Last time you were that engrossed it turned out you were reading the adult videos." - Scully to Mulder regarding his rapt attention on the case files.
2. " Well I came here to tell you that if he dies because of what you've done, four days from now nobody will stop me from being the one that'll throw the switch and gas you out of this life for good, you son of a bitch!" - Scully to Boggs regarding Mulder being shot.

Summary: People are dying in the throes of passion after having sex with a man. Or a woman? No one knows because a man goes in but a woman comes out or vice versa. Mulder and Scully go to Massachusetts to follow a lead pointing at the Kindred, a group of people who live like the Amish. Their suspicious behavior may be due to their lifestyle or they may be hiding a secret that could lead the agents to the killer. Or it could lead the killer to Scully.
Okay, can we say 'weird'? A guy who turns into a girl who turns into... Ugh. Now, I have nothing against transvestites, those who've had sex change operations, whatever sexual orientation one is predisposed o. But being able to change back and forth at will? Freaky. I like how Mulder and Scully get lost in the woods, their stumbling in with the Kindred and the dinner. I would have been suspicious at once - the Kindred have no idea what subtlety means. Mulder rescuing Scully from impending 'horizontal mambo' with a Kindred member is wonderful. Did you notice that Krycek (okay, Nick Lea) was the victim who survived? Maybe it's Krycek's twin brother who was adopted by Americans when they were separated at birth. Wouldn't that be an interesting storyline? You know, I like the idea that the Kindred were mutants more than the idea that they were aliens because we have never seen any other episodes with aliens similar to them. Maybe they're a different race, the ones that leave crop circles, as compared to the Colonizers and the Rebels. Or maybe they're the Bounty Hunter's kind, 'cause they can shapeshift.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Need anything from the feed store?" - Mulder to Scully in a bad country accent.
2. "There's something up there, Mulder."
"I've been saying that for years." - Scully and Mulder when Scully senses there is something suspicious about the Kindred.

Summary: After an attempt to catch a bank robber goes bad, Scully's friend and ex-lover, Agent Jack Willis, is mortally wounded, as is the robber. Two men died in the hospital room, and one came back. But which one? Can Mulder figure out who and what Jack has become in time to save Scully?
Personally, I think Scully has terrible taste in men (except Mulder of course). He is too old and too ugly. At least in my opinion, but maybe the guy had a great personality. Did you know that the original script had Mulder as the one shot and revived? I guess they figured it would be hard to get rid of the killer without getting rid of Mulder as well. Either that or it was too much Muldertorture too soon. It's sorta sad that Dupree loved Lula so much and she betrayed him. Yeah, the guy was a killer, but he really loved her. It's interesting to note that Scully believes Jack was so far inside of Dupree's head that he had become Dupree. Remind you of another episode two seasons later? Jack sure does heal up fast, considering that he was dead for 13 minutes and was shot with a rifle. I know, I'm picky. Mulder is ever the gentlemen, treating Jack nicely, despite the jealousy he must be feeling. It's very clever of him to trick Jack with the birthday card and handwriting. He's so brilliant! And Scully is so pig-headed for not believing the evidence right in front of her! It's a nice look into the workings of the FBI as well.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "You lay one hand on Scully and so help me God..." - Mulder threatening Lula.
2. "Mulder's all right. Pay attention and you might learn something from the man." - An FBI agent to fellow agents after they begin to make fun of him.

Summary: Mulder's old SAC from Violent Crimes, Reggie Purdue, calls Mulder in on a murder that echoes Mulder's first case. It appears that a killer, long thought dead, has returned to claim his revenge on Mulder by killing all the FBI agent's friends; including Scully.
It's good to see someone who has respect for Mulder's abilities. Reggie is a nice guy, friendly and hardworking. He's compassionate and I'm sad that he had to die. But hey, it caused Mulder angst, so I guess it ccouldn't be too sad. I am evil, aren't I? Does anyone know why Barnett had his hand cut off? I mean, what did that have to do with defying old age? Or was the doctor just using him as a general all-around guinea pig? Whatever. Anyway, it's very sweet of Mulder to keep an eye on the dead agent's kid so many years after his death. I guess that gives Mulder a good reason as to why he breaks the rules and procedures so often, because it had caused an agent's death in the past. It would be really interesting for someone to write a Pre-XF fanfic of Mulder on the Barnett Case. Maybe if I get around to it, though I doubt it. Overall I enjoyed this episode because of Mulder's angst and his heroic acts in the end.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "You're slipping, Henderson."
"Five minutes may be enough for you, Mulder. Though I wouldn't know from experience." - Mulder and the handwriting analyst, Agent Henderson.

Summary: A trucker who Mulder suspects witnessed a UFO crash is actually transporting the downed UFO to a top secret base. After a long search with several detours due to Deep Throat's duplicity, they try to break into the secret base.
Ah, the introduction of the infamous Lone Gunmen. Odd thing is that Mulder says they publish a paper called 'The Lone Gunmen', but later we see that it's called 'The Magic Bullet'. What's up with that? Anyhoo, I like all the interplay with the LG and am thrilled that they remain the same characters throughout the entirety of the show. I like Byers the best because he's the nicest and I seriously wonder about Langly. You know that photo that Mulder said was the best photographic evidence he'd ever seen? He mustn't have seen many because Scully picks out that it's a fake right away. Doesn't say much for Deep Throat's 'best.' I like how he says 'a lie is best hidden between two truths', it's a very good point, may have used it a couple times myself. I wonder how much money they had to spend to follow that truck without being tracked. I like how Scully just gives up and tells the security guard at the base who they are, thinking it ridiculous to run and Mulder makes a break for it. The man is a walking disaster area though, tripping and hurting his ankle like that. Not that I'm complaining mind you.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "The leader of the Russian Socialist Democrats is being put into power by the most heinous and evil force of the twentieth century."
"Barney?" - Byers' theory and Mulder's retort.
2. "Is this your skeptical partner?"
"She's hot." - Langly and Frohike's observations on Scully.
3. "I think it's remotely plausible that someone might think you're hot." - Mulder to Scully.
4. "Mulder, you're the only one I trust." - Scully to Mulder.

Summary: An evangelist's adopted son has the power to heal the sick - or to kill them. After several deaths are linked with the Miracle Ministry, Mulder and Scully travel to Tennessee to investigate the faith healer. But Samuel Hartley's gift may have been corrupted by the devil, leaving Mulder with visions of his sister.
I have seen the movie 'Leap of Faith' with Steve Martin as an evangelical faith healer and this is very similar. I don't think I believe in that stuff, but it's awfuly funny to watch. And I must admit that everyone looks like they're having a good time, certainly appears to be more interesting than church. I feel sorry for Samuel, who sincerely wanted to heal and willingly gave himself up when he thought that he had inadvertently killed those people. The sheriff was very wrong to kill a kid with no proof that Samuel killed anyone. I'm very angry with Leonard Vance for killing all those innocent people. Why didn't he just kill Samuel instead? Or did he somehow believe he was helping those people to be free before their lives were made worse by Samuel? We'll never know. If anything, Vance should have been angry with Reverend Hartley, 'cause it was the Reverend who made Samuel heal him. I finally watched 'The Exorcist' and everyone I talk to says it's one of the scariest movies they have ever seen but I was so underwhelmed. Oh well. I would have never guessed it was Scully's favorite movie though.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "You've got that look on your face, Mulder."
"What look is that?"
"The kind when you've forgotten your keys and you're trying to figure out how to get back in the house." - Scully and Mulder.

Summary: A rancher, believing his cattle are being attacked by an animal that has been plaguing the area, shoots at the creature after it attacks his son. He soon discovers that he shot and Indian instead; an Indian who he had fought with regarding Reservation boundaries. Mulder and Scully investigate what Mulder believes is evidence of a werewolf.
Considering the obvious conclusion, it's amazing that the word 'werewolf' is not used once in the entire episode. Only a Manitou is mentioned. Maybe Chris Carter wanted to stay away from anything that suggested past werewolf stories and all the superstitions that went with them. Good idea, or we would have had our fill of silver bullet jokes by the end of the episode. Lyle Parker is played by Ty Miller, my favorite actor in a show called 'Young Riders' that was on a few years back about the Pony Express, so I immediately liked this episode. Plus, my favorite monster has always been a werewolf, so you can see how this episode might appeal to me even though there's no Mulderangst or Muldertorture. Feel bad for Lyle.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Auuuooooooooooooooo!" (That was a wolf howl in case you were wondering.) - Lyle Parker in his hairier form.

Summary: A group of loggers mysteriously disappears and Mulder and Scully take a nice trip to the forest to discover their whereabouts. What they find is a kind of insect unleashed from an ancient tree that are able to kill a man - but only when it is dark.
I hate bugs so I can understand Scully's reaction when she sees them crawling on her. Don't you hate that when you see a bug on you and then the rest of the day you swear that you can feel them all over? Ick. I feel bad for Mulder who has to take the criticism for letting Doug Spinney go, but at least he is proved right in the end. Forest Service official Larry Moore is a bit of a hunk, no? I'm glad he makes it through all right. And I'm twice as glad that Steve Humphreys dies. I'm an environmentalist and I truly believe in saving the forests, so this one bothered me. Personally, I would set out at first light and run as fast as I could out of that forest. Don't tell me that it couldn't be done because it was only a four hour drive up the mountain. Oh, and what about building a fire? That puts off light, doesn't it? That doesn't need a generator, does it? I didn't think so.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Manly men in the prime of their manliness." - Mulder describing the loggers.
2. "It'll be a nice trip to the forest." - Mulder to Scully about her reservations.

Summary: Eugene Tooms is released from the Sanitarium and goes in search of the fifth liver that will sustain him through his thirty years of hibernation. Mulder swears to keep him from killing but Tooms isn't going to let Mulder do that.
Cool, I like continuity, return characters. Like Pusher's return, it's nice to see. I must admit that if I was one of the witnesses in the courtroom who was listening to Mulder's evidence of Tooms' guilt, I would've believed him. I mean, he's the FBI! And he has that fingerproof evidence, isn't that enough to convict? Did Tooms act differently wen he was being evaluated by the psychiatrists? I mean, the guy still acted freaky with everyone else, I wouldn't have let him out if I were them. This episode is really good because of the scene of the stakeout, when Scully first 'admits' in her own roundabout way how important Mulder is to her. That and she calls him Fox for the first time, with his rebuttal that he even makes his parents call him Mulder. Which we find out in later episodes is totally untrue. I'm still bugged by the age thing with Frank Briggs. Oh well. This also marks the first appearance of A.D. Skinner, who is a whole lot more reserved and a heck of a lot meaner. Nice continuity having Cancerman there influencing him.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Mulder, I wouldn't put myself on the line for anybody but you."
"If there's an ice tea in that bag, could be love."
"Must be fate, Mulder. Root beer." - Scully to Mulder in regards to the dinner she brought him.

Summary: A little girl is the only witness to a detective's so-called suicide. But was it really suicide? The girls claims a man pushed the officer out the window, a man who was a police officer himself but is dead now. Mulder believes the girl is possessed by the dead cop's spirit and is trying to exact revenge on his killers.
The girl is creepy. Big contrast from the cute kid she played in an episode of 'Highlander'. I find nothing particularly interesting about this episode. Mulder's insights are wonderful, the origami is cool, yadda yadda. I can't believe Mrs. Fiore married her husband's partner. Seems like a bit of a betrayal to me. I like the end where the little girl is playing in the water and having fun, she's much cuter. I'm suspicious of the mother, who seems distant and unloving, not even noticing when her daughter disappears. At least she appeared distressed when Michelle was hypnotized. That origami Noah's Ark was great and very sweet of the ghost to finish it up for his wife. And what's with the obligatory prostitute at the police station? Did you ever notice that whenever a police station is shown on TV or in the movies, there's always a prostitute being escorted somewhere?
Favorite Quotes:
Umm....... None?

Summary: There is a death at a top secret engine research facility and Mulder and Scully must find out who the killer is. Their only lead is a mentally challenged custodian who has autistic counting abilities.
Mulder is very good with Roland, talking nicely and helping him out with his clothes. The guy who played Roland did an excellent job of portraying a... I don't know the politically correct term, so I'll be incorrect - mentally retarded guy. The lady who ran the Heritage Halfway House seemed very nice as well. I like Mulder's recount of his dream, more like nightmare, to Roland. It's a good insight into why Mulder has trouble sleeping. I would never, let me repeat, NEVER let someone freeze me so that I could live later on. What's the point of living in a time you have no knowledge about, no family, no friends, and probably no means of supporting yourself? Think people!
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Have you ever thought about calling one of them all day long and then all of a sudden the phone rings and it's one of them calling you?"
"Does this pitch somehow end with a way to lower my long distance charges?" - Mulder explaining the bond between siblings to Scully.

Summary: Deep Throat brings Mulder a case where a scientist, Dr. Secare, dies under mysterious circumstances. This leads Mulder into a conspiracy perpetrated to hide the existence of hybrids.
Wouldn't the green blood the deputy sees after he shoots Secare cause his eyes to puff up and stuff? He appeared to be as far away from the liquid as Mulder is when Secare is killed. Poor Mulder, he always loses his evidence, especially when he has a chance to show Scully. I feel terrible for the poor lab lady who is killed for helping the FBI agents. The woman had a family. I like the end of this episode the best, you'll never guess why. Oh, okay, so you can guess why. Hey, I'm a Muldertorturer, what do you want from me? Love the big trenchcoat Scully has been wearing recently. Maybe she gained some weight and wanted to hide it. Maybe... just maybe, she was pregnant and starting to show! No! How could that be?? Ha ha, Scully cares more about Mulder than Deep Throat, even though Deep Throat was shot. Speaking of which, how come Deep Throat didn't appear to even *try* to defend himself and I think he had plenty of time to show at least a moment of surprise.
Favorite Quotes:
1. "Okay, Mulder, but I'm warning you - if this is monkey pee, you're on your own." - Scully to Mulder concerning the contents of the erlenmeyer flask.
2. "I should know by now to trust your instincts."
"Why? No one else does." - Scully to Mulder
3. "Your cell phone has been ringing off the hook."
"I'm a popular guy." - Henchman and Mulder.

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