Grace Series I: Fallen From Grace- 08/24/99 22K: Tracking a serial killer may be Mulder and Scully's downfall when the suspect has inside information.

Grace Series II: Amazing Grace- 11/25/98 5K: Scully cradles an injured man in her arms, her voice bringing him comfort, as he has always brought her.

Grace Series III: In Good Graces- 02/03/00 29K: A search begins for the missing agents, ending in an altercation that may prove deadly for them all.

Grace Series IV: Grace Note- 5/3/00 27K: While recovering from his injury, Mulder runs into a few unnecessary problems.

Grace Series V: Saving Grace - 11/30/00 47K: Finally things seem like they're turning around for Mulder and Scully. Until someone unexpected shows up and wreaks havoc in their lives.

Grace Series VI