Due to requests from several people for my personal profile I have included this page which gives some pertinent information about me and also gratuitous info that you never needed to know. But not too much - this *is* the internet you know. I've seen '2Shy', I'm not *that* stupid.

Basic Information

Name: XScout - Let's leave it at that, shall we?

Age: I've been able to drink for enough years and the next landmark is 30, so who cares.

Gender: The gentler sex. Ah, hell, I'm a female and we're NOT gentler.

Status: Affianced. Sounds pretenious doesn't it.

Height: 5 feet 11.5 inches - Do you know how hard it is to find clothes long enough??

Weight: None of your damn business. But this was my idea so... 145ish lbs. Hey, I eat like a horse, it's not my fault I can't gain any weight. Blame it on my metabolism.

Eyes: Blue. More of a grayish blue really but plain blue sounds better.

Hair: Blonde. The light kind that people have to get by dying their hair. Mine's all natural but of course I want to change the color. Hey, no blonde jokes!

Want a picture? Tough.

More In Depth Info

Location: I'm in sunny southern California. San Diego to be more exact. Despite what people may think, it's quite cloudy here most of the summer and doesn't get really hot until August and through Fall.

Occupation: I work in administration for a warehouse company and do commissioned artwork on the side.

School: I have a BA with and emphasis in Fine Arts at SDSU. If I win the lottery I'll go to CAL Arts for my Masters. Otherwise I'll have to rob a bank.

Want to see some of my artwork? Go here.

Career Goal: Children's book illustrator. I've got a few in the works.

Gratuitous Information

Pets: 1 perfect, beautiful, fat cat and a rambunctious, stubborn, and adorable puppy.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, horseback riding, bowling, camping, and going to the movies.

Favorite Color: Blue. Cerulean blue. Like a cool breeze.

Favorite Food: Steak and ice cream - ever seen Pollyanna?

Favorite TV Show: I'm afraid X-Files isn't, any more now that it's off the air. Then is was Stargate SG-1 but just like X-Files it's last few seasons weren't worth watching. Smallville and MacGyver are good backups.

Favorite X-Files Episode: Paper Hearts has always been in my mind the epitomy of Mulder at his best. Detour and Post-Modern Prometheus are tied for second. I'm a shipper so you might understand why I like them. Close to them is Redux II for the same reasons.

Favorite Movie: Gladiator! The cinematography, the music, the actor (yum!), everything! I saw it 4 times in the theater. X-Files, Bird On A Wire, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Conan the Barbarian are next in line.

Favorite Actor/Actress: Hugh Jackman. Mel Gibson when he was younger and less bigote / Sandra Bullock is an angel. Goldie Hawn is great and Jodie Foster is right up there. Kate Hudson is climbing quickly too.

Favorite Music: Oldies, Alternative, Eighties, Classical, and Folk. Pretty much anything but Rap, Country, R&B, and Jazz. Strangely, I know the lyrics to Oldies better than my parents. Go figure.

Favorite Musician: Sarah Mclachlan has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard and I have too many favorite bands to list. Pat Benatar is close though. Enya does my favorite song - Book of Days. You know, I didn't like the music of the 80s until the 90s. Huh.

Favorite Artist: Michael Whelan, who does most of the covers for the Dragonriders of Pern series. Vermeer and Boris Vallejo are next.

Favorite Author: Anne McCaffrey. I have the entire Dragonriders of Pern series. Absolutely *love* those books. Also J.K. Rowling. And you thought Harry Potter was just for kids.

I think that is enough useless stuff to keep you all happy.