Anna Anna

Michael W. Smith

Jack is in the corner
The dish is with the spoon
The sheep is in the meadow
The cow is on the moon
But I am here with you and I believe
There's no other place I'd rather be
And a promise not to leave you
Is a promise I can keep

You're my muse
You're my rhyme
You're the fire warming this heart of mine
When you hear me say "I love you"
Anna, do you know how much I do?

So I watch you from a distance
Getting lost within your world
You pretend to be a princess
As you flutter and you twirl
Fragile as the flower in your hair
Dancing in your castle, unaware
That a single day without you
Would be more than I could bear

Repeat chorus

Mulder would rather be with Scully than any other place on earth. She is his muse, giving him reason to go on and inspiration to deal with life's hardships. She is the only fire in his heart, consuming him. He has said "I love you," but does she really understand how much he does? So he has to watch her from a distance, yearning for something he cannot have, for she is unaware that he would be lost without her.