I Will Carry You I Will Carry You

Michael W. Smith

Sometimes I wonder if my beating heart has a reason
The thought of breathing only takes my breath away
I've spent so many nights wrestling with this feeling
Do I have the strength to make it through the days
But I was never meant
To walk this road alone
I can always trust you
When you say

I will carry you
Be your strength
And pull you through
Reach for me
And take my hand
We will pray
We will stand
In a world
Crying out for peace
Let your heart be strong
For when I am weak
You will carry me

Sometimes you wonder if the road you're on has a reason
It's hard to go on, when you just don't know
We can shoulder all the weight of life between us
Until the fear of what we cannot see is gone
'cause we were never meant
To ever walk this road alone
We are bound together
When we say . . .

Repeat chorus

Sometimes all the lies and hardships of life threaten to push Mulder past his limit, making him question his reason for going on. But he wasn't meant to deal with it alone, he has Scully to help him, giving him strength to make it through the days. He trusts her to watch his back, trusts her with his life, to be there when he needs her. They'll stand together to fight for what's right, and when one falters the other is there to pull them back up. He wonders if there is any reason behind the insanity they fight, his part in it, and his responsibilty. His guilt is an enormous weight on his shoulders, the weight of the survival of humanity, and it is oppressive. But together they defeat the fear of the unknown and go on, because no one was meant to face hardships alone.