Now And Forever Now And Forever

Richard Marx

Whenever I'm weary
From the battles that raged in my head
You made sense of madness
When my sanity hangs by a thread
I lose my way, but still you
Seem to understand
Now and Forever,
I will be your man

Sometimes I just hold you
Too caught up in me to see
I'm holding a fortune
That Heaven has given to me
I'll try to show you
Each and every way I can
Now and Forever,
I will be your man

Now I can rest my worries
And always be sure
That I won't be alone, anymore
If I'd only known you were there
All the time,
All this time.....

Until the day the ocean
Doesn't touch the sand
Now and Forever
I will be your man

Now and Forever,
I will be your man.

Whenever Mulder is tired of the constant siege he is under from the Consortium and from the confusion that creates, Scully makes sense of the disillusionment and madness that almost consumes him. He has come close to being lost many times along their journey but she has always been there, understanding. Sometimes he is so involved in what he is doing that he doesn’t realize how important she is to him. He know it deep inside, in every nerve and blood vessel, and he shows her in whatever he does, though it may not be obvious. When she is with him, he can forget much of his worries and be content that he is not alone in his fight. Now and forever he will love her and sacrifice all for her.