You’ve Got A Way You’ve Got A Way

Shania Twain

You've got a way with me
Somehow you got me to believe
In everything that I could be
I've gotta say-You've got a way

You've got a way it seems
You gave me faith to find my dreams
You'll never know just what that means to me
Can't you got a way with me

It's in the way you want me
It's in the way you hold me
The way you show me just what love is made of
It's in the way we make love

You've got a way with words
You get me smiling even when it hurts
There's no way to measure what your love is worth
I can't believe the way you get through to me


Oh, how I adore you
Like no one before you
I love you just the way you are


It's just the way you are.

Scully completes Mulder, makes him a whole person, makes him everything he can be. She gives him faith to keep searching, to go on despite all odds. She loves him and shows him, though not in obvious ways. She can make him smile with a simple arch of her brow, can make him feel better with a few soft words in his ear. She is his world and he wouldn’t have her any other way.