Here's a collection of stories written by me. All have been rated and categorized at the beginning of the story. All contain angst, some have violence, and most use a bit of profanity. Warning: I am a die hard 'Shipper. Click on the title to read the story.

Bookcovers: Collages of the contents of each story. Also found with individual stories.

The Abuse Stops Here 11/25/98 13K- It affected him for life. He won't let others suffer the same fate.

Accessory 09/15/01 8K- When I was assigned to this unit I got Fox Mulder for a partner. I wasn't prepared for that.

All Along 03/05/03 12K- I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone and though you're still with me, I've been alone all along.

Alone 08/07/00 11K- A life spent alone is not meant to end alone.

Another Goodbye 03/15/01 7K- Our time together will be remembered with fondess, but I always knew this day would eventually come.

At The Beginning 02/03/98 14K- What do you do when the journey is over?

Between Sleep And Awake 05/04/98 22K- Somewhere between sleep and awake, dreams - and nightmares - become reality.

Broken Home 12/18/97 11K- What would you do if your worst enemy was someone you couldn't fight? Your father.

Calling All Angels 04/15/01 11K- Even the worst tragedies have their place in life.

Candle On The Water 03/01/98 15K- A horrific case opens the floodgates to Mulder's breaking point. Can Scully save him from himself?

Come Undone 03/16/02 8K- It's not like I consciously decided 'I will let her in and trust her', it just happened.

Crossing Bridges 03/24/98 121K- Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders that echo Mulder's past. Can they save the next victim without becoming victims themselves?

Day At the Office03/24/98 33K- An Emergency Medical Technician is called to the scene of an accident, where the life of an FBI agent is in her hands.

Dreams 10/04/97 25K- Ever wonder how Scully discovered Mulder's sleeping problems? Find out.

Drowned Silence 06/14/02 15K- The sound of his voice is like a physical presence.

Evidence of the Mind 03/13/02 21K- It was all that I had left; the only evidence of the mind that had once been part of the man I loved.

Falter of the Steps 09/15/01 10K- A simple action can be a window into the soul. But is it what you want to see?

Familiarity 08/24/99 8K- Sometimes what seems so familiar may not be.

Fear 02/03/98 11K- How old were you when you discovered the meaning of fear?

Fine Series 10/17/98, 09/30/00 293K- The effects of the black cancer may bring an end to the X-Files, but Mulder and Scully fight to make a new life in spite of it.

First Truth 08/08/01 12K- It is that first realization of the truth that changes you forever.

Grace Series 11/25/98, 08/24/99, 02/03/00, 05/03/00, 11/30/00 130K- A single case and its consequences will change their lives forever.

How Was I To Know? 08/24/99 16K- We don't always realize the power we have over others.

I Know Someone Series 06/08/98, 10/17/98, 08/24/99 427K- Being tortured by a killer or receiving letters about it... which is worse?

I'll Remember 05/23/98 10K- Her journal was supposed to comfort him after her death. Not the other way around.

Into the Woods 01/20/01 97K- Drawn into the forest to investigate the disappearance of five hikers in what may be a case of alien abduction, Mulder and Scully are caught in the middle of a life and death fight to find the abductees and get out of the woods - alive. Note: This was made for the Virtual Season Eight.

The Kid 02/03/98 9K- Children can be cruel at times. They're not supposed to enjoy it.

Lost Highway 02/04/01 11K- There is only one way to make it through this nightmare... together.

Memories of Nothing 05/15/02 8K- They gave me this hole that I crave to erase, this emptiness that I will never cease to fill. It is my memories that drive me on.

No More I Love Yous 08/07/00 7K- No explanations, no apologies, no goodbyes.

A Normal Holiday 02/15/99 119K- It's Christmas Eve and Mulder does what any normal person would. He has to stop a terrorist who has taken over the airport - before Scully's plane runs out of fuel.

Not In My Job Description 10/17/98 39K- A pilot is hired to take an FBI agent to Antarctica. What she gets is an adventure.

Number 6667 01/29/05 37K- Some doors were never meant to be opened.

Precious 02/11/07 51K- Precious and fragile things need special handling.

Promises In The Dark 09/25/97 15K- How many times can one man risk himself for the truth?

Pushed Over The Edge 03/01/98 11K- Mulder's worst fear comes true. It's enough to tear a man apart.

Puzzle Pieces 07/04/02 14K- A piece of the puzzle falls into place and trust grows.

Reflection 05/03/00 10K- The most terrifying enemy of all is found within. A killer watches and reflects on the FBI agents examining his crime scene.

Revolution 1/2 04/14/00 132K - Every story has a cycle. A beginning, a middle, an end. Mulder and Scully must face death and life, love and fear. Again and again.
Revolution 2/2 156K- Summary above.

Spectare Tibi Somnus 01/20/01 8K - I am the one dreaming when you sleep.

Strange Days I: XScout 02/25/00 23K- A summary would spoil the surprise now, wouldn't it? By Fox's Gal, a parody on MulderTorture that had me rolling on the floor. What possessed her to write about *me*? We may never know.

Stronger 10/20/99 13K- The things that we cherish most in life are to be protected. No matter what the cost.

Summer Rain 08/07/00 10K- It's nights like these that you remember forever.

Tenuous Connection 09/15/01 14K- All she can do is hope her words will keep him safe. But is it enough?

Territory Protected 07/01/02 9K- In joining the X-Files, I was encompassed into a territory protected by trust.

Thin Ice 11/03/97 31K- Someone was infected. Before it was over we all thought it was Dr. Hodge. What if we were right? Alternate ending to the episode 'Ice'.

To Live For 02/25/00 87K- The choice between life and death is an easy one... isn't it?

Turn Back Time 02/25/00 26K- A betrayal tore them apart. It may be too late for forgiveness.

Unforgettable 03/13/02 69K- Sometimes memories can be stronger than reality. Note: This was made for the Virtual Season Nine.

Unwanted Friend 09/15/02 6K- What do I know of death? Too much, more than any person should.

Waiting 08/24/99 33K- A meeting with his father. A revelation that could destroy him.

What Remains 05/03/00 29K- When half of your soul is gone, what is there to live for?

What Tomorrow Holds 07/02/98 90K- When held hostage by a madman you find courage in many forms.

Why the Caged Bird Sings 11/30/00 5K- Is false hope better than no hope at all?

You Learn 08/07/00 10K- No matter what happens, the most important lesson is that you learn what it is to be loved.

You're Not There 07/24/98 8K- Scully reflects on the man in bed next to her. But something is terribly wrong.

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